Pete West

Canterbury to Dover

North Downs Way

I haven’t really been running very long and lots of my routes are circular which can sometimes lack the feeling of achievement as you finish in exactly the same place you start, only a couple of hours later. I’ve always liked the idea that when I was a confident enough runner I’d want to run from A to B instead of A back to A again. I’d been weighing up some different options for a couple of months; waiting for a break in my training so I didn’t risk a long run in to the unknown when I had specific events for which I needed to prepare.

After the Beach Head Marathon I knew I had a couple of months with no set goals in mind until the next training plan kicked in so I thought I’d make the most of still being “marathon fit” to just have an explore on a decent length run. I picked the section of the North Downs Way from Canterbury to Dover for a few reasons:

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